I met Eleanor Calder yesturday.

Well, Louis is my favorite boy so I havent always been a fan of El(like I really didnt like her). I hate to admit it, but she was absolutely so nice and pretty.  I saw her when I was alone in the hotel lobby and said hi to her. She completely stopped and said hello to me as I told her how much I loved the band, especially Lou. She was going into buy a snack in and so I said “Sorry, I dont want to bother you,” as I began to walk away. She told me that I wasnt bothering her at all and to come in with her. She said that Stan was at the hotel upstairs with Louis and she ‘reckoned’ Zayn was still in bed. Then she told me that her flight was that day and they were going to leave the hotel soon.

I had been at the hotel for 4 days and she was actually giving me tips on stalking the boys. 

Then I said thank you so much and asked for a hug. She gave me one and said bye. I cant believe how pretty and nice she was. Ah, I just want to love Louis. But there is literally no possible way to hate that girl if you have met her.

Anonyme said: How can I get Eleanor's curls? I mean the big one's she always had in 2012 and 2013. Like what size curling iron should I use and all that?

I’m not an expert but I think you have to use a 38 mm (or 1.5” if you use inches) curling iron. You may want to ask to a style blog tbh haha, I never curl or straighten my hair as it damages it :) x


How Sophianor story began. August 9th. 2013


How Sophianor story began. August 9th. 2013

punkrockflop replied to your post: did we talk about eleanor and sophia b…

Didn’t she used to be close to Danielle too?

I mean yeah they were/are good friends, but she seems closer to Sophia to me and back to my post, I don’t remember Danielle hanging out with Eleanor’s friends and the fact Sophia did today makes me really happy :)

did we talk about eleanor and sophia being close to the point she introduced her to one of her best friend so the three of them could hang out together? 😊

Anonyme said: Zayn doesn't follow Eleanor

Yes, and?

Anonyme said: I just went through eleanor twitter! she unfollowed louis and the boys and one direction !?!?!?? whyyyy

I guess we don’t follow the same Eleanor ;)