Eleanor back in 2012

Eleanor + Alana Burton


Eleanor Calder Candids Shopping at a Local Tesco Store with Louis (02.02.12)


Personal vs paparazzi

perfectforharrystyles: "Is there any recent pictures of louis with eleanor? It's been a while i feel!"

I think the last one of them together is from the Brits, which was ages ago yeah… x

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you & i

Louis and Eleanor at Topshop - June 3rd 2012

eleanorj92 got our duck lips in a row! haha [x]

Anonyme: "I think the anon meant elounor 😂 I personally ship Larry too but I adore you blog that's why I follow. Larry/Elounor shippers that go round sending anon stuff like that need to stop not everyone will agree and ship the same as you so yeah :)"

Yeah I know, I just never answer seriously those stupid asks :) And you’re right! Wow some anon dude told me Elounor was fake and Larry was real, I totally changed my mind congrats… So pointless! x

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Eleanor Calder + Minimalist poster