Anonyme: "Is your real name Lolita? if yes are you named after the book?"

It is and no haha. A French singer named his daughter Lolita a few years before I was born and my mum liked the name so when she was pregnant she was hesitating between Lolita and Océane and thanks God she chose Lolita haha :) x

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8/?Favorite Elounor Pictures just because I can


Eleanor Calder alphabet. L is for Louis

Anonyme: "Do you think that eleanor wears makeup in a normal uni day?"

I think she wears the usual make-up we see her with on pictures (with Louis or with friends really), so foundation and mascara probably. Can’t be sure though! x

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Anonyme: "first off I love you blog so much. second I have a friend who is a hardcore larry shipper and she kinda shoves it down my throat what do I do? I mean I always thought larry was cute in a non romantic way and I told her it was cute and it drives me nuts cause even if I were to mention Louis or Eleanor she turns it into larry"

Just stop talking to her about Larry/Elounor OR explain her that it annoys you so you should stop talking about it anyway :) x

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Anonyme: "Do you think Eleanor has a personal stylist?"

Noooo I don’t think so. Maybe when she attended events with Louis, she got help from Lou or Caroline but I don’t think she has a personal one :) x

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Anonyme: "Who do you think Eleanor's best friend is out of all her friends?"

She has so many good friends, but I think maybe Max or one of the two Alanas :) x

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Unseen: Louis & Eleanor at the This Is Us after party

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