Anonyme said: rip deleanor? They are still friends yknow that right.

Eleanor unfollowed Danielle on both Twitter and Instagram yesterday. One could have been a mistake, two was definitely intentional so… :)

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RIP Deleanor (2011-2014)

@DaniellePeazer: Playing ‘Draw Something’ against @EleanorJCalder whilst sitting opposite her… #sadlife

@EleanorJCalder: @DaniellePeazer since when do Vikings say ‘grrr’?! Haha xx

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Anonyme said: I find it funny that we know so much about Eleanor's friend group and so little about Louis'.... I mean apart from Stan and Ollie and the boys I can't think of anyone we've seen Louis hang out with that isn't Eleanor or his family. I just think it's funny that Eleanor is obviously kind of a social butterfly (she made quick friends with Sophia too) while Louis seems to have his core group of people and that's all he needs.

We see so little of Louis’ life that the guy could have hundreds friends we never heard about hahaha. I’m joking but anyway, I think it’s easier for Eleanor, because she has /separate/ groups of friends made at different moments of her life (her childhood/school friends from London, her university friends from Manchester, her friends met through 1D…) while Louis is always in the same environment, surrounded by the same people. He’s probably friends with some people working for them behind the scenes tbh but yeah I think he really needs only close and genuine friendships and doesn’t really bother with acquaintances :) 

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Anonyme said: How do you feel about the other couples (Zerrie and Sophiam)?

I love Sophiam, they’re so cute and they remind me of Elounor in 2012 :) And I don’t care about Zerrie… I just enjoy Zayn looking hot when there’s new pictures of them haha xx

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Anonyme said: Eleanor and Louis have a dog together?

Louis has a dog, who is most likely Eleanor’s dog too :) x


A dog grooming salon tweeted this picture of Bruce in June 2014 x/x

Anonyme said: Lol dumb question.. Whats fyz?

The blog source :) x

horankilledmysociallife said: Hii, sorry to bother. What app or site did you use to find out if eleanor follows danielle? xx

I’m not the one who made that post, I only reblogged it :) Anyway, I think it’s but maybe ask the blog who made the post for confimation :) xx

Anonyme said: When did he said that and to who ? Omg

Okay sorry this is the last message about this because that happened months ago and I’m not debating about this again but here you go. x

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Anonyme said: wait. how come fyz doesn't want to post louis anymore. did something happen? i been out of the loop for way too long.

They decided to stop after the Zouis video and Louis dropping the n-word and never apologising for it so I guess it’s related to that drama? They have their reasons anyway, so I don’t blame them and they still post HQs of him so :) x